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Arts Conference Themes and Docuementa Leitmotifs

The International Conference on the Arts has linked its ongoing Scope and Concerns, which asks “What is to be done?” with the third and final question of Documenta 12, concerning education. In keeping with Documenta’s ambitious themes, we focus our concerns on Leitmotif 3, Art and Education. For more on these questions and the expanded leitmotifs of Documenta, please visit their website at

“documenta 12 has three leitmotifs. It is no accident that they take the form of questions. After all, we create an exhibition in order to find something out. Here and there, these motifs may correspond, overlap, or disintegrate – like a musical score.” Documenta Director, Roger M. Buergel

  1. Is Modernity our antiquity?
  2. What is bare life?
  3. What is to be done?

Buergel contintues: "The final question concerns education: What is to be done? Artists educate themselves by working through form and subject matter; audiences educate themselves by experiencing things aesthetically. How to mediate the particular content or shape of those things without sacrificing their particularity is one of the great challenges of an exhibition like the documenta. But there is more to it than that. The global complex of cultural translation that seems to be somehow embedded in art and its mediation sets the stage for a potentially all-inclusive public debate (Bildung, the German term for education, also means “generation” or “constitution”, as when one speaks of generating or constituting a public sphere). Today, education seems to offer one viable alternative to the devil (didacticism, academia) and the deep blue sea (commodity fetishism)."

This year's Arts Conference is pleased to host Plenary Sessions organized with representatives from the following esteemed international arts and education organizations, with the following links to their websites:

Plenary 1 (August 22): The Leonardo Education

Plenary 2 (August 23): The International Society on Education for Education through Art:

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