Creative Dissonance: A Review of Conflict in Artistic Organizations

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Creative people are often perceived as more irrational, aloof and hotheaded when it comes to everyday interactions. Interestingly, creative literature asserts that creative individuals “are better able to alternate between primary process (i.e., primitive, free-associative, irrational, concrete images as opposed to abstract concepts) and secondary process (logical, reality-oriented) modes of thought than are less creative people (Raeburn, 1999, p. 178). Creativity prompts the need to communicate and therefore it is incongruent that these groups should be less likely to reconcile. Since all organizations can benefit from research on the role of conflict in creativity and intense work groups, it is important to review the literature that has been done on conflict in artistic organizations. This essay reviews various players in artistic group conflict, identifies the types of artistic conflict and the themes that emerge and then assesses the effects or outcomes. Furthermore, surveying literature from a wide range of disciplines provides a window into necessary future research regarding the role of conflict in artistic organizations.

Keywords: Art organizations, Conflict, Creativity, Intense Work Groups
Stream: Art in Communities
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Kelly Norris

Graduate Student, Communication Rhetoric and Digital Media Program, North Carolina State University
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

I am a student in the Communication Rhetoric and Digital Media PhD Program at North Carolina State University. I am currently doing Communication Across the Curriculum research with the College of Design and an looking at the role of feedback in review or critiques. I am also interested in organizational communication in artistic organizations and in the study of visual rhetoric. I recently graduated from North Carolina State with a Master of Science in Communications. I have received a Bachelor of Arts in music and English from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. While at John Carroll I earned my degree in music by attending classes at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Because of my strong interest in music and the arts I also intern with the North Carolina Symphony and am editor of the Dare County Arts Council magazine on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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