The Social Engagement And Programming of Cultural Manifestations

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The project Woman at the crossroad of ideologies has opened five delicate problems of the society; bounds of own heritage (Mariolatry, Balkans, communism, war, but also new market based society) in regard to woman rights declining. Program has been carried out during 15 days, each day opening a new problem for the public. It was organized around the case study of Women Diaspora, mini-symposium Ab ovo (going to archeology, genetics and theology), accompained with crucial problems but always presented from another territory. Being capable of speaking via artworks (mostly video and film) on problems found at the place, public has started to speak on own problems. Their numbers was growing to about 300 people on lectures, 200 on exhibitions in a small city. Many of articles and interviews have been produced in the realm to participate in the project of the edited book announced. Presentation would underline ways art pieces were used to open up questions.

Keywords: Curating, Program Editing, Delicate Topics
Stream: Art in Communities
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English

Ana Peraica

Freelance Curator and Theorist
Split, Croatia

Ana Peraica, freelance curator and theorist, graduated in logics fields of art history and philosophy, post-academic researcher of art theory and new media. Publishes many articles, mostly in Springerin (Austria), some of which republished (Pavilion, Romania, 2007) collection of which is coming in a reader (Školska Knjiga, September, 200/), book chapters in East Art Map (eds. Irwin, Afterall, London /LA, 2006). Edited a book Woman at the crossroad of ideologies after the project she has curated in January / February 2007 (Split, Croatia), mostly concentrated on video art. Curates video since 1998 (Split Film Festival; 2004 ISEA Inter-society of electronic arts selector) currently co-moderating a discussion Women liberation movements and technology at Leonardo ISAST list Yasmin.

Ref: A07P0108