The Artists' Work Classification

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For three years the artist Alison Gerber worked to research and document artists’ labor, using standard social science research methods, in order to create a classification system for that labor – for the everyday activities that artists engage in to produce their work. The project takes the form of a small book outlining the artists’ work classification system, laid out as if for use by artists in order to catalog their labor. A viewer, coming across the book by chance, would assume at first that the book was meant for use by professional artists. The book was sent to 500 public, academic, and institutional libraries for shelving. At the conference Gerber will perform a paper presentation on the book and its importance in the future of arts pedagogy, and on the line between function and contemplation in contemporary art.

Keywords: Contemporary Art, Public Art, Science, Classification, Art Academies, Pedagogy, Administration
Stream: Art and Education
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Alison Gerber

Malmo, Sweden

Alison Gerber has exhibited work in solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Europe and has created temporary and permanent public artworks. Her most recent project was "Artists' work classification" (2006); for this she carried out research about what artists do on a daily basis and created a classification for that labor, and then created a book outlining the system, laid out as if for use by artists. The book was sent to 500 public, academic, and institutional libraries for shelving. Other projects include "Undervattenskonsert," an underwater broadcast of work by 11 artists in the sea between Sweden and Denmark, and "Informations in English," a series of text plaques installed in public space in Reykjavik directing the viewer to call for tourist information and subsequent conversations and compiled information. Her work has for the past years been interested in the relationships between individuals and the power structures they call their own and in the ownership of information and belief systems. Gerber was born in 1979 in St. Paul, Minnesota. She studied psychology and art at the University of Minnesota and attended a postgraduate program in critical studies at Malmö Art Academy. She lives in Malmö, Sweden.

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