Questioning Identities and Life through Socially Engaged Art Practice

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I am an artist/ lecturer who has been involved in a whole series of participatory mixed media video projects that take place within public spaces in and around Glasgow be it within a gallery space or on the street. These workshops happenings are grounded in terms of interpretation but take on a new direction by being driven from an alternative questionnaire process. People are questioned continuously through a whole series of processes which can be uncomfortable at some points. My line of questioning throughout is underpinned broadly by the notion of identity and directs itself to scratching at the surface to see what lies beneath allowing participants to re look and reconsider. The work fits in to the remit of Gallery education but crosses boundaries externally. The questions it throws up what is art education?
What do we mean by that?

Keywords: Questioning, Researching, The Unknown, Arts based practice, Psychological, Identity
Stream: Art and Education
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Charlie Hackett

Lecturer, Design Department, Grays School of Art
Aberdeen, UK

Charlie Hackett lectures at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1985. His practice over the last 10 years has been directed towards community based arts projects working alongside Galleries in Scotland Such as the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh, the CCA in Glasgow and the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow where he was highly involved in the Sanctuary project working alongside refugees and people claiming political asylum. He has taken part in Discourse Power Resistance conferences over the last few years at Manchester Metropolitan University. His research remit within Grays School of Art focuses on Art in Public Spaces. His practice has also looked at issues relating to Mental Health and was involved in life story work involving the closure of a Victorian Mental Health institution.
The common thread running throughout his work is identity.
His arts practice is directed towards time based media.

Ref: A07P0118