Subjectivity: Riding the Collapsing Wave of Probability

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Objectivity is digital. Digital meaning discrete packets. Language is digital. Objectivity is premised on the idea that a something can be separated from all other somethings and analysed on its own, for its own-self. Subjectivity is a continuum. Its not one thing or another thing, it is more or less something or the other. That is, it is as much a continuum as the real world it seeks to dissect, control and understand. Subjectivity resists definition. If anything, objectivity is a quality of Subjectivity (in objective terms a subset of) – except that subjectivity does not admit of classes, because it is a continuum and continuums are not divisible. Out of my choices of bounded words, placement of word against word and your experience of this presentation of my words, there might emerge a reflection that may happen to approach an approximation of shared understanding of my painterly experience. And it may not and there is no method to assess there is successful sharing.

Keywords: Subjectivity, Objectivity, Digital, Analogue, Quantum Theory
Stream: Meaning and Representation
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Margaret Turner

Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of the Sunshine Coast
Maroochydore, QLD, Australia

Margaret Turner is a painter and is employed as a visual designer in online media design at University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Her academic focus is design of content for electronic communication including navigation and interactivity design. Her pet hate is over-designed sites that treat the content as if it was a bunch of unimportant and boring words. Computer screens are here now but in our soon tomorrows mobile interfaces, heads up sun glasses and even sockets in our heads will replace them as communicative interfaces. Then design of the content itself, how we break it open to be seen and explored and reflected upon will replace the current obsession with interface decorativity. Her most recent published conference papers include: "Multi-path and networked: Possible futures for academic writing", ASCILITE 2005, Brisbane; "Invite, Engage & Play, Express", OLT05, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane; "Online teaching: designing lively conversation", Effective Learning and Teaching Conference, 2004, Brisbane. Her focus in paint is resisting definition, interpretation and automation.

Ref: A07P0012