The Full-body Interaction of Audiences in Interactive Installations

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Recent installation works use interactivity to invite audience participation. Especially full-body interaction allows different forms of navigating, assembling, or contributing to an artwork that go beyond static and passive performances. This paper focuses on the full-body interaction of audiences in new artforms and the enhanced participatory of audiences. This interaction makes the role of the audiences expand and provides viewers active experiences. The first part of this paper introduces good examples of the ways in which full-body interaction has been implemented in installation applications. This presentation of the examples shows the process of the interaction and the technology for the environments that body interactive installation needs. Secondly, the role of the audiences for full-body interaction is classified and analyzed. Finally, I will suggest capabilities and advantages of full-body interaction. Furthermore, limitations and disadvantages of this interaction will be mentioned that will help a designer or an artist in their considerations in interactive installation with full-body interaction.

Keywords: Full-body interaction, Audiences, Interactive, Installation
Stream: Audiences
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Jieun Kwon

MFA Graduate Student / Artist, Computer Art
School of Visual Arts

Jersey City, New Jersy, USA

Jieun has created interactive installation in New York and worked as a manager of a multimedia team in the company idea212 in Korea. She has lectured in colleges on computer arts and exhibited video installations in Korea. Her book, “Web Color Stylist” has been published in Korea and China. Recently she has created interactive installation based on tarot cards and is writing her second book about New York art and design.

Ref: A07P0130