The Workshop: How to Construct Public Spaces Between Art and Education?

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Participants from around the world are invited to discuss the workshop as alternative production site, between art and education. Workshops can provide ways for producing creative work, outside traditional art and education frames. In the context of increasing globalization and privatization of education, as well as the increasing commercialization of art, workshops can function as working environments to establish alternative modes of pedagogy and cultural production, based on experimantation, process, collective work, sharing ideas and skills, collaboration, intervention in everyday environments, etc. We want to discuss the workshop as a new merging site of art, education and everyday space. We will present examples of site-specific workshops, initiated at the Laboratory for Visual Arts, at the Department of Architecture, University of Patras. Key issues to be addressed are: the workshop as self-organized initiative to respond quickly to emergent city situations, forms of collaboration, discussion (as form of intervention), mobility (as expansion of the range of an action / activation of different places) networking practices, communication modes, hospitality, public forum, network of localities. The workshop intends to exchange different experiences and viewpoints, and come out with plans for future collaborations and actions. The workshop will be performative: it will be staged in a semi-circular table, equipped with keybords that will transmit live notes of the participants onto a projection screen. The audience can also intervene at any time with questions and comments. Conversations, transmitted notes and interventions from the public will define the outcome, as juxtaposition of multiple statements.

Keywords: Art Education, Public Art, Collective Actions, Communication Modes, Network of Localities, Mobility
Stream: Art and Education
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr. Panos Kouros

Assistant Professor, Laboratory for Visual Arts
Department of Architecture, University of Patras

Athens, Greece

Panos Kouros, Artist, Assistant Professor for Visual Arts in the Department of Architecture, University of Patras, Greece. Research areas: context-specific art, networking, urban interventions, collective actions, urban mnemotechnics. His projects unfold in different areas linking critical art practices to architecture, urban culture and politics of memory and have been realized in USA, Greece, China, Germany, Mexico and the www. Founding member of Gregorios Pharmakis plural person. Member of Urban Void, urban interventions collective, based in Athens. Ph.D. in Architecture. He was appointed Research Fellow in environmental art and technology at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies (C.A.V.S.), M.I.T., and Lecturer at the Department of Architecture, M.I.T., and Massachusetts College of Art. He has published many studies that examine relations between art, technology, critical theory and contemporary culture.

Nikos Kazeros

Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Architecture, University of Patras
Athens, Greece

Ref: A07P0136