The Cultural Economy of American Cities

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Scholars and policy makers have been increasingly talking about cultural economy. However, there is no agreement on the definition of cultural economy. The purpose of this paper is to provide a definition of cultural economy by pulling together literature from geography, urban planning, and cultural policy. These three streams of literature focus on three different entities: cultural industries, districts and institutions. This paper claims that it is important to look at them in a synthetic way as a cultural economy rather than three separate entities. A synthetic view offers (1) an historical perspective that explains the evolution of different ways of cultural production, (2) the identification of a theoretical gap in the literature talking about cultural economy, (3) the description of the economic process, (4) the attention to signifying practices implied in cultural products, (5) the explanation of the several policy arenas involved, and (6) the definition of the cultural economy as a mapping tool.

Keywords: Cultural Economy, Cultural Industries, Cultural Districts, Cultural Institutions
Stream: Arts Agendas
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Thinking about Local Cultural Policy in America: Navigating the Theoretical Confusion

Eleonora Redaelli

PHD student, Art Education, The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH, USA

My research has a multidisciplinary focus, aiming to understand the role of culture in the overall economy of american cities. My background in in Philosophy and Musica Composition. I also worked in the field. First, as public servant for three years, in charge of organizing cultural events; after as a manager in private foundation in charge of the organizationl structure and event orgnizations.
My interests revolve around cultural studies, geography, art, and management.

Ref: A07P0140