Artist Community Residencies in Ireland: An Overview

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The idea of an Artist seeking out a particular type of environment where they can function creatively is an age old. Down over the centuries Writers, Painters, Sculptors amongst others have produced work which has directly related to the surroundings in which they found themselves at the time of creation. This is a simple enough phenomenon to explain seeing as Artists tend to use their mode of expression as a way of making sense of the world around them. In this sense the environment can be seen as being the catalyst for certain artists and the creative produce emerges from it’s collision with the perception of the artist. Out of this phenomenon comes the notion of an Artist in Residence. This presentation will explore the history of Artist’s residencies in Ireland before examining those which exist today. It will also describe the different types of artist residencies which exist and give a concise account of what each entails. Using specific examples, such as the residency detailed in James McIntyre’s Three Men on an Island and my own Writer in Residency with Galway Local Authorities, I will look at the reality of residencies and show how beneficial they can be, both for the artist and for the community/organisation involved.

Keywords: Irish, Artists, Community, Residencies
Stream: Art in Communities
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Ursula Rani Sarma

Doctoral Candidate and Artist (Writer), Department of Drama, Trinity College Dublin
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Ursula Rani Sarma is an Irish Playwright of Indian/Irish descent. She has written several plays for the stage which have been produced internationally. Her work has been produced by companies such as the Royal National Theatre London, Paines Plough Theatre London, The O'Neill Theatre Centre Connecticut and the BBC amongst others. She has a BA in English and History from NUI Cork and an M Phil in Irish Theatre and Film from Trinity College Dublin. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Trinity and is conducting research in the area of contemporary Irish drama.

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