Experimenting with Mobile Image and Self-portraiture: Peculiaris.net

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Peculiaris.net is a collaborative moblog that questions identity and self-representation. It is based on identity, mobility, modification and ephemeral concepts. As the time goes by, we change or personality, character, way of thinking, ultimately, our identity. In peculiaris.net this mutant and constant questionable identity is shown, being there the identity represented by photo self-portraiture. Peculiaris.net is a collaborative moblog that has the intention of collecting assorted “identity photos”. Zgymunt Bauman, in the book Identity, when reflecting over identity uses the theory of Beata Frydryczak to say that the hero of modernity lives the moment, the “here and now”, it couldn’t be a collector, unless he/she would be a collector of sensations, emotions, Erlebnisse. Accordingly, peculiaris is a project to collect these ephemeral end fragile emotions. Generally the photos taken with mobile camera are reproductions and attempts to strain the time of theses Erlebnisse (experiences). Mobile phones have changed with time, they are not a mere wireless telephone anymore, in addition they have become powerful devices for communication. Nowadays a mobile phone can be an instrument to produce media, with them we can record audio, video, take photos, write text, send and receive emails, navigate on the web, and so on and so forth. The project Peculiaris.net decided to experiment with one of these features of the new mobile phones: the still image (photography).

Keywords: Identity, Mobile, Photography, Collaborative
Stream: Art in Communities
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Experimenting with Mobile Image and Self-portraiture, "Sie Verstehen Mich Nicht"

Dr. Karla S. Brunet

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Grupo de Pesquisa em Cibercidade (Research group on Cyber Cities), Universidade Federal da Bahia
Salvador, BA, Brazil

Karla Brunet has a degree in Communication (UFSM - Santa Maria, Brazil). Twice she was awarded with a scholarship from the Brazilian government, first for a master degree in Fine Arts (Academy of Art University - San Francisco, USA) and second for a PhD in Audiovisual Communication (UPF – Barcelona, Spain). She has contributed to a variety of projects involving photography and the Internet. She has also worked for few years doing commercial work on the web. Parallel to that, she had participated of individual and group exhibitions in San Francisco, Barcelona, São Paulo and Santa Maria. As well as teaching in some universities. Nowadays, with another scholarship, from Fapesb for a pos-doctorate, she is researching mobile technology and urban intervention at UFBA (Salvador, Brazil). Parallel to that, she collaborates on the production of cultural and artistic projects.

Ref: A07P0150