Arts and Society: Transitional / Political Changes: Macedonian Visual Art in the Period of Transition

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The paper addresses to the crucial changes that has hapened in the Macedonian Art through the period of transition 1992-2007.

Keywords: Art, Society, Transition, Politics
Stream: Arts Agendas
Presentation Type: Colloquium in English
Paper: Arts and Society: Transitional / Political Changes

Zlatko Teodosievski

Senior curator, Exhibitions Department, National Gallery of Macedonia
Skopje, /, Macedonia

Zlatko Teodosievski (1952), art historian, art critic and cultural researcher. Former Deputy Minister of Culture and Director of the National Gallery of Macedonia. Lives and works in Skopje, (Macedonia). Since 1976 he has published numerous art critics and essays on Macedonian and international art in daily newspapers, magazines and journals. He has curated exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad (Selection 97; OPEN 2000; Zaneta Vangeli, "Integralism", Venice Biennial 2003; Denis Bowen; Slavica Janeslieva; Dijana Tomik-Radevska, "Memorarium"; Dialogues: Macedonian art today; Furious historic echo, etc.). Member of ICOM and AICA International – Macedonian Section.

Ref: A07P0158