Art as Meaning of Confidence: Bridging the Gap between Child Art and Adult Art

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All children draw and paint with great enthusiasm. Ironically, most persons after childhood tend to feel a lack of confidence when asked to perform in these areas. Many adolescents look on their art work as childish, naïve, and lacking in finesse. Something seems to happen between childhood and adulthood that makes many individuals in our society shy away from the visual arts. From survey, there are only ten percent of all secondary students enrolls in art classes. Obviously, this is a critical time concerning visual art expression. There are two reasons that enrollment in art class at the secondary level is low. First, when children reach the age of eight or nine, awareness emerges of visual and spatial qualities such as distance, shadows, and texture is probably the result of an increased differentiation at that time. Adolescents feel they cannot do art and will avoid this area if the art work does not come up to their expectation, which are usually realistic, if not photographic. Secondly, the attitude of society toward arts. The art teacher can generally expect adolescents to find little or no support for their attempts at making art from the adult world unless certain outstanding abilities are evident in their work. How to bridge the gap between child art and adult art? First, the art teacher should make the adolescent art student aware of the world of adult art and do not look at their work with the critical eyes of adults. Secondly, a collection of reproductions or slides showing a great diversity of styles, schools, and individual artists should be introduced to students who have lost confidence in themselves and their own art. Thirdly, a persuasive teacher can convince students of their uniqueness by pointing out how a particular quality is reflected in their own work, thereby developing confidence and acceptance of their own art expression.

Keywords: Child Art, Adult Art, Visual Art, Confidence
Stream: Art and Education
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Paper: Art as Meaning of Confidence

Yuehchen Wang

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Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Ref: A07P0159