Theatre for Teenagers: 'My Jewish Dreams'

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"My Jewish Dreams" is the play based on autobiographical experiences of a teenager growing in anti-Semitic environment in the USSR. Performed by the OSU students, it addressed diversity issues to American teenagers, who sharply experience ethnical and social problems in the contemporary American society. The play centers on a teenage girl, who suddenly becomes an object of hatred after her mother married a Jewish man. Luba tries to realize her place between the official ideology, which portrays everyone as equal to the other, and the deeply seeded anti-Semitism of the Russian people. Although the Soviet reality was foreign to the American teenagers, the characters and situations triggered their live response. In my presentation, I would like to analyze the performance itself and how it was received and discussed by the American teenagers. The play placed the art of theatre in the center of teenagers' experience of racial and social diversity.

Keywords: Play, Teenagers
Stream: Art in Communities
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Maria Ignatieva Ignatieva

Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre, The Ohio State University at Lima, The Ohio State University
Lima, Ohio, USA

Dr. Maria Ignatieva is an Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre, the Ohio State University-Lima. Before coming to America, she taught at the Moscow Art Theatre School-Studio, and in the 80-ties curated Youth and Puppet theatres at the USSR Ministry of Culture.
Ignatieva's portfolio includes over 40 publications on contemporary Russian theatre and theatre history. Between 1998 and 2005, she presented papers and lectured in Spain, Australia, Finland, Netherlands, Germany and Poland.In 1995, Ignatieva initiated the creation of the Children's Theatre Program, wrote and directed over 10 plays for the young audiences.In 2004, Ignatieva received a grant COCA-COLA CRITICAL DIFFERENCE FOR WOMEN, which supported the completion of her book Stanislavsky and Actresses.

Ref: A07P0016