Across the borders: Education Through Art – Interdisciplinary Approaches

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Dr Gabriele Lieber (Researcher Student, Department of Shool and Curriculum and the Didactics of Social Sciences, University of Giessen
Giessen, Hessen, Germany)Learning to Read Begins with the Reading of Pictures- Image Literacy and Aesthetic Alphabetisation: The focus on the research project is, whether educationally meaningful employment of images in school training could support childrens learning.
Dr. Carl-Peter Buschkuehl (Head of department, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
Institute of Art Education, Olsberg, NRW, Germany) Multimediality and Multiperspectivity in Art Projects: Multimediality in art projects is closely connected to the opening of multiperspectivity which extends to learning by approaching issues from different perspectives in a theme-related work-process.
Anette Seelinger (University of Applied Sciences, Frandfurt Main, Germany)Transformation in society – new constellationen in art: This presentation undertakes a critical examination of the impact of contemporary changes in media technology upon aesthetic processes of education and communication in society.
Joachim Kettel (Professor of Visual Arts and Didactics at the University of Education, Karlsruhe) Art Education in Times of Globalisation: What are the chances of art education in times of globalisation of images and pictures?

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