Documenta 12

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Ayse Gulec will discuss her work with the documenta 12 advisory board, which consists of about forty local ‘experts’ who live and work in Kassel. Advisory board members contribute their own experience and viewpoints in the areas of formal or informal education, town planning, academic and research work, social work, political organisations, religious and cultural communities, as well as from their work with children and young people. In collaboration with the documenta 12 team, they have been considering the significance of the leimotifs in the city of Kassel, linking them to mindsets, contexts and topics of local relevance. Ms. Gulec will elaborate on her role and the advisory board members to serve as contact and support persons for artists developing their work in or with reference to Kassel, making contact, creating access and bringing their local knowledge to bear on the documenta 12 process.

Keywords: Documenta
Stream: Art and Education
Presentation Type: Plenary Presentation in English
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Ayse Guelec

Speaker/Development Documenta 12 Advisory Board

Ref: A07P0164