It Is Not the Moment To Tell a Lie: One Artist Engaging a Phrase from Beckett

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'It is not the moment to tell a lie'. The title phrase is constructed out of black concrete letters 12 inches tall and hanging on a wall. From each letter dangles a tether, 10 feet long, that ends in a metal clip. Enter the artist, blinded and deafened {wearing opaque goggles and noise silencing earphones}. She is dressed in a worker coverall with a strong belt. The artist finds her way to the wall and then, using her hands, finds the phrase on the wall. She takes the letters down one by one, places them on the floor, and attaches their tethers to her belt. When the entire phrase it is not the moment to tell a lie has been piled up on the floor and all of the tethers attached to her belt, the artist exits, dragging the phrase behind her.

Performance time: 15 minutes
Discussion time: 15 minutes

Keywords: Performance Art, Beckett, The Absurd, Semiotics
Stream: Art and Education
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Abigail Donovan

Assistant Professor, Department of Art, University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware, USA

Abigail Donovan is an artist whose work often investigates the abstract materiality of language and symbols. Recently nominated for an Art Matters grant, Donovan has shown in a variety of venues, including: the Santa Monica Museum of Art, the Santa Fe Art Institute, and the Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art. She has lectured widely and been a visiting artist at a number of institutions: Cranbrook Academy of Art, Cleveland Institute of Art, School at the Art Institute of Chicago, University of the Arts, University of Pennsylvania, and Carnegie Mellon University, among others. Donovan received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and her BA from Swarthmore College.

Ref: A07P0021