The Case of India on My Mind: Creating a Body of Artwork Through Interior Drama

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As a practicing artist and educator I have continued to interpret my life through paint. India has played a major role in my development as an artist. I first visited India at 21 and have returned many times. I often have wondered what prepared me to have a comfort level there and a love and fascination with such a difficult country. I had a residency in Gujarat at MS University and began a body of work dealing with my internal and external sources, pictorially and philosophically. While admitting wholeheartedly to be an outsider, I believe art bridges all cultures. The outsider status is true for artists in one's own country as well. This realization continues to aid me in my current work. I have a body of work with interpretations of Gandhi. I have begun to acknowledge my fervent desire that the world might need another Gandhi type person but does not currently.

Keywords: India, 1971, Artist, Influences, Paintings, Monotypes, Drawings
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Paper: Case of India on My Mind:, The, , I Love you as you are, Big Fish Strikes Again but in a Different Place, The

Livia Corinne Stein

Adjunct Professor, Department of Art, Dominican University of California
San Rafael, California, USA

I graduated from Univeristy of California Berkeley with an MA in Interdisciplinary Art from San Francisco State Univerisity. My degree was History with an India emphasis .I am a Painter and Printmaker and Studioi Art Professor. My work includes elements of Abstraction and Figuration. I visited India in 1971 and have continued to study it's culture, art, and literature. It has influenced my work greatly. I am drawn towards Folk Art, Textiles and strong color in my artwork. January 2007 I visited a prominent Indian University, MSU in Baroda as a Guest Artist. I was also a Guest Artist at Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and held an Open Workshop with Museum Participants. I will have a month-long Residency at the DeYoung Museum in October with an exhibition that time. I have recently completed as series of paintings and drawings based on Gandhi and will have a Solo Show in June in San Francisco.

Ref: A07P0025