The Art of Critical Practice: A Leap out of Faith

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This paper is interested in leaps both out of and into faith. It is concerned the ways we might educate and encourage art gallery audiences to take these leaps out of a belief system grounded in a romantic and nostalgic desire for the artist as an originary moment: a belief which once offered them an authoritative and stable subject position, and into a faith which is conceived of as an 'endless task'. The route this paper takes is both exhibitionist in its discursive framework and expeditionary, because the art of critical practice requires, indeed demands, that the leap out of faith is not a leap into the abyss but is an ontological journey of discovery for the audience.

Keywords: Art Gallery Audiences, Education, Romanticism, Subject Positions, Critical Practice, Ontological
Stream: Art and Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Dr. Kate Ravenswood

Head of Access, Education & Regional Services, Queensland Art Gallery
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Dr. Heather Wearne

Affiliation not supplied
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Ref: A07P0037