Lingua Visual: The Relationship Between the Writer, Electronic Writing Space and the Application of Language

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“Words express what exist and what does not exist”. The Lingua Visual Research website enables the writer to engage with an interactive tool as they type in an electronic writing space - similar to a word processing document. The user is aware of and encouraged to consider their choice of word within the text they are assembling. The interactive listing of the multi-lingual Visual thesauri enables writers to choose and modify no just their choice of words; but the formation of the sentence structure as well: in relation to the usage and application of the English, Dutch and Portuguese language – in relation to each other, as well as in isolation. The application can be seen as a product of revision. They allow the user to reflect on their behaviour, their mannerism, the limitations of their vocabulary and their choice of word & sentence structure. Based on this experience they have the possibility to modify, adjust and improve their writing and content.

Keywords: Writing space, Linguistics, User Interaction, Writing behaviour
Stream: Art and Education
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Maaike van Neck

Associate Senior Lecturer, School of Art, Design & Media
BA (Hons) Communication Design, University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

Maaike van Neck studied at MA Communication Design, Central Saint Martins College in London graduating in 2004. From 2004 until today Maaike is designer and partner in the London based studio Mwmcreative, co-founded with Maria da Gandra. Maaike is an Associate Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth. Her work has been featured in Eye Magazine and publications such as Zoom in Zoom out, Nice to meet you.

Maria da Gandra

Co-Founder, Mwmcreative
London, London, UK

Ref: A07P0038