Encountering Intercommunity Dialogue: A Verbal and Visual Journaling Component of Human Communications 101

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Many times, across curricula, we ask our students to be reflective, give details, be specific etc. but we do not give them practice, feedback, or visible outcomes. Often we do not know how to encourage creativity or demonstrate a real out-of-the-box response. Verbal and visual journaling and documentary process engages students and others in a journey of discovery, reflection, and creativity that can be shared among themselves, exchanged with co-communities, and exhibited as artifact that is testament to an authentic and enjoyable process…coloring outside the lines with permission! Participants in this session will participate in a hands-on activity that involves making a small folded book. This will be a means of introducing participants to the processes and products involved in visual and verbal journaling. The presenter will share the parameters of the journaling process that she uses as an assessment tool in oral communications classes and outline how this process was used to connect two co-communities in a civic engagement project in the spring of 2005. In addition to the discussion of journaling, a description of the project will be presented and discussed, and a sample of the documentary video and book to be published will be available.

Keywords: Communication, Community, Community Art, Curriculum, Alternative Evaluation
Stream: Art and Education
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Con Christeson

Artist/Educator/Social Entrepreneur, Communications and Foreign Language, St. Louis Community College-Meramec and Peter and Paul Community Services
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

My paper degree says M.A. in Human Resource Development. My practice includes social entrepreneurship as a communications professional (university and community college),community and public artist, active involvement in the Community Arts Training Institute…all in St. Louis. I working as an artist with other artists and communications/social service professionals, connecting to diverse and under-served populations, offering ways and means to develop each person as a resource for family and community .... many destinations, one journey.

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