Illuminating the Word: Visualisation of Poetic Experiences Through Filmmaking

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In my research I explore the process of poetic writing through visualisation of inner experiences that poets undergo. Drawing on my own experiences as a researcher and a poet/filmmaker, I create films that act as case study, combining a ‘diary style’ documentation of experiences with critical analysis. The short film Interview with authorial-Self [ watch here: ] acts as a confrontation between the ‘academic-self’ and the ‘artistic creative spirit’. Both are presented as one personality in the film, but split into two aspects of that personality for the purpose of research. I invite the viewer to ask questions and raise the debate on the process of translating inspiration to physicality of art, by presenting my self as a case study for this dialogue that seem to occur in each poet. Each poet struggles with words, trying to bridge chaotic inspiration with logical and structural verbal expression in order to convey the intangible spark of the passion of creativity. For an example of creative visions and poetry, watch Unfolding Hearts in here: The films are used as a method to express visions and externalise inner processes in a way that affects emotions and guide thoughts. Since image is more specific than words, films assist in better conveying poems in the way that the poet intended it. Images of suspense of time, beauty, and the space unique to my poetic mind come to touch the viewer emotionally. Other images are presented as timeless, ‘genreless’, and universal in understanding rather than particular in culture; they can happen in any place or time. These come to guide the viewer’s critical thinking on the process of poetrymaking, and inspiration in general. The films are distributed on DVDs and on-line to receive feedback from others and evaluate my process of research. Since I perform in the films, watching them requires stepping outside of my self. In this self-reflexive mode I can critically reflect on actions and thoughts involved. As part of this research I also produce visual designs, performances, art installations, and an interview film with other poets discussing their own creative process.

Keywords: Visions, Poetry, Inspiration, Spirit, Words, Self reflexivity, Films, Creativity, Emotion, Thought, Externalisation, Collective unconsciousness
Stream: Art and Education
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Paper: Illuminating the Word

Dr. Gil Dekel

PhD student, School of Art, Desing and Media, Portsmouth University
Southampton, Hampshire, UK

Gil Dekel was born and raised in Israel, and lived in Greece and The Caribbean, before embarking on a research at Portsmouth University, UK, exploring the creative process of poetry-making.
Gil is a Reiki Master, visionary poet, graphic designer and filmmaker. His films and visual poetry are shown in Mexico, USA and Britain, and aim at exploring the correlation between artistic creativity and scientific/psychology understandings. Gil describes his field as “psychopoetry”. Gil’s experiments in automatic-speech, together with wife and researcher Natalie, seek to inquire the stages of poetic creativity where an Idea is seemingly noticed through a Feeling, turns to meaning through Reflection, and then undergoes Choice of Words, which become a poem.

Ref: A07P0057