Teaching Creative Art Practice in Multimedia Course

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This paper will discuss exploring strategies for involving students in creative art practices within multimedia courses, problems faced with the Digital medium and computer environments verses arbitrary and random artistic creative approaches. Students come to multimedia courses expecting the ‘technology’ will do all the creative art work for them but soon discover there is no ‘create an idea’ button in software. Faced with restrictions of technological mediums and the computer environment, the limitations of software, and the constant change of technology all suggest teaching creative practices cannot be targeted towards the multimedia medium itself. Using examples of students work as a basis, strategies for random creative art practice within the teaching of multimedia can be explored. More innovative creative art processes are proposed as a way to view the multi-medium as a tool and not a box of creation itself.

Keywords: Art, Practice, Multimedia, Education
Stream: Art and Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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John Mackinnon

Lecturer, School of Creative Media, RMIT University
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My art practice involves visual and audio art forms covering many conceptual frameworks and media. My main concerns are with memory and place recently producing a series of collaborative CD and DVD recordings of performance material and field recordings. I have continually been involved in arts production and exhibiting over the last twenty years.

Ref: A07P0073