The African Cultural Heritage Preservation & Promotion: Nigerian Experience

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African Cultural Heritage is gradually being eroded away due to incursion with modernization. Our Arts language, Food and the Cloth we wear are almost going into oblivion. The collective memory of any society is of vital importance in preserving cultural identities, in bridging the past and the present and in shaping the future. The documentary heritage residing in some homes, libraries, palaces and achieves constitute a major part of that memory and reflect the diversity of Arts, languages and cultures of that society. But that memory is fragile. The question remains “How much of that memory are custodian promoting and preserving?” the Art and Heritage is an important part of social, cultural and educational history of any nation. The mission of custodian and archives traditionally is to preserve written knowledge and cultural treasures, to collect present day information and disseminate it for future needs. However, these still needs much to be desired in the attitude of those who supposed to be custodians of the cultural heritage in the area of promotion and preservation. This paper therefore examines the present trend and ways we can further develop our cultural heritage.

Keywords: Cultural Heritage, Preservation, Custodian
Stream: Art and Human Rights
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Adeyinka Tubosun Idowu

Curator, Archives, Attah Arts & Culture
Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

My names are Adeyinka Tubosun Idowu. I am a 31 years old Nigerian male resident in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. I acquires my first degree in Anthropology at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria where i am presently a graduate student of Art Education.
I am a curator with the Attah Arts & Culture Gallery67 , a Cultural group with a relatively small museum. The Gallery promote African Artists and Arts, especially Nigerian arts. By virture of my proffession as a curator, i am involved in the collection and preservation of African Cultural Artifacts for theallery am enagaged with. Unfortunately, Arts collection in Nigeria is presently at its lowest ebb as various African governments are not interested in art promotion or conservation.The governments are only interested in using arts to welcome dignitries and foreign envoy's. This has invariably impeded my work as a curator. In conclusion, my interest in Art Education especially Preservation of African Cultural Heritage stems from my believe that as a people, Africans must seek to preserve and promote her Cultural Heritage which could be used as a means of economic development in terms of its tourism potentials.

Ref: A07P0075