A New Dialogue between Contemporary Art and Social Communities

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"KAROV" is an ongoing innovative and experimental contemporary art in society project, initiated by the Department of Arts in the Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality and supported by it. The curator, Idit Porat, also a therapist who specialized in process of creating, was invited to expose art in public spaces in different areas of Tel Aviv. She decided to take this invitation as a chance for building a bridge between the contemporary art scene in Israel and small and unprivileged communities in varied ways. In her socio-psychological point of view, she looks for new and different relations that can be constructed between artists and certain communities that has been selected. Since the primary schools usually function as the main public arenas in small social communities and since they are normally located in the center of the neighborhood. Porat chose them as the main containers of the "KAROV" project. Due to a continuous dialogue with the head of each school, she invites artists to make their works. The process as a whole includes workshops with the children, their parents and the staff of each school. The workshops are aiming to open the children and their parents not only to the meaning of contemporary art, but more over to the notion of creativity and perception, that can be negotiated through art. The first year's topic was "The Wish". In her spoken and slide presentation Porat will speak about the concept of this project as a whole, and will show the works has been made in the last year: An artist book – "Facing the Wish" – by Elyasaf Kowner, that includes 218 photographed portraits of all pupils in one school and two sculpture boats that were built in the playgrounds of other schools by Vered Levi, named "Home Port".

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Idit Porat

Free Lance Curator and Art Therapist, Department of Arts, Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

A body-mind therapist, a writer and a freelance curator. Well experienced in interdisciplinary projects. In the 90's was the video art curator at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Then was the head of photography department at the Camera Obscura Scholl of Art in Tel Aviv. Published nomerous articles, catalogues and the visual biography, "Adina Bar-On, Performance Artist", published in 2001. In the last years concentrates in therapy practice and initiates art projects that has a socio-psychological orientation.

Ms Tslilit Ben-Nevat

Director of the Arts Department, The Culture and Art Division, Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

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