Embodiment, Hybridity and the Technofeminine in Contemporary Technological Art

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Intellectual trends move through technology R and D as they do through the humanities and the arts. In the high tech world, new language enters tech jargon, often expanding the domain ontologies to point toward other disciplines which in turn become influential. For example, the term ‘embodiment’ has become a buzzword in high tech R and D. The Western concept of embodiment originated in phenomenological philosophy before being adopted in the social sciences, cognitive science, and critical and feminist theory. Both the social sciences and cognitive science have become influential in high tech. More recently, the notion of a ‘hybrid’ entity has become popular in tech circles. Together, these terms – embodiment and hybrid – point toward feminist theory. Technology and feminism make strange partners, as feminism historically critiques the technoscience power nexus; however, recent work in technological art by internationally exhibiting female artists offers an alternative dialog. This paper traces the terms ‘embodiment’ and ‘hybrid’ in both technology and feminist texts, and looks at a new generation of female techno artists whose work reshapes the dialog between technology and the feminine.

Keywords: Contemporary Art, Embodiment, Feminism, Hybrid, Technology, Technological Art
Stream: Analysing Artforms
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Jill Coffin

Presidential Scholar, Doctoral Program in Digital Media
Department of Digital Media, Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ref: A07P0078