Taxi Art: Women's TAXI, WATTA, Women's Artistic Therapeutic Transportation Action, Violence Free Zone

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Concepts is based on the own subjectivity of the entire project, with an idea of renting of the mobile artist, myself, Aprilija Lužar, and renting of the space of mobile technology, for the establishing comunication – from subjective, individual, national use to satellite, global establishing the returnees of the experiences, information, and aims against violence against women, building up of The Cultural Heritage of the 21st century, based on gender equality. The project establishes communication between art, public, media and women in joint actions against violence, in order for public to be more informed and senzitised for the problem of violence against women, and for the need of creative solution, creation of media pictures against violence. With this project I stress that violence and rejection of different other (sexual violence, sexism, homophobia, social sterotypes,...) are cultural problem of the society and not only personal issues/problems, i.e. problem of the closed social institutions, such as psychiatry, etc. Auto/mobile is an art space, an object and a subject, a space of the individual, subject, personalisation – auto/portrait – autós of the author/auto. It represents functional mobile sculpture of the architectural, urban, national space, and functional mobile painting, that reflexes/repaints confession of the internal and external experiences, that are endless. With a mobile painting Women’s TAXI, as a mobile artist automobile – auto portrait – autós/taxi, stressing my own experiences of violence, I reflect/repaint/ educated public recognition/recognizability of the massive problem of violence against women, I open ways for women and encourage them to step out of the allmighty patriarchal attractive scenary of marriage, social surgery of religious transformation into social institutions, and from partriarchal production of psichiatric and social women's departments of removal just celluloit layers. Project Taxi Art – Women's TAXI - is comprised of three parts: performans – mobile confessional, exhibition and video projection.

Keywords: Women, Anti-Violence, Art, Freedom, Democracy, Values, Equality, European Heritage, Human Rights, Education, Responsibility
Stream: Art and Education
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Aprilija Luzar

President, Art and Human Rights, Taxi Art
Kocevje, Slovenia

Aprilija Lužar was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, B&H and Ljubljana, where she graduated, degree in painting in 1987. Master degree in painting in Ljubljana, 1991. She has been working as a free-lance artist in the field of painting, performances and multimedia art. She is the member of the Union of Slovenian Fine Arts Associations since USFAA and FAA Ljubljana from 1988. From 1988 art activist in Slovenian and international feminist and lesbian movement.
1991 awarded, 16th International Biennale of Young Artists, Museum of Modern Art, Rijeka, Croatia, ex Yugoslavia, 2002 winner of the V-DAY International competition, New York, STOP RAPE Contest with the art project “Women’s TAXI–WATTA.; 2004 first award for paintings of USFAA , May Salon- POP, Slovenia in Europe.Gallery of the USFAA in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2004. Her artistic expression includes portrait realism, abstraction in a highly modernistic style, performance art and multimedia projects: “Women’s TAXI-WATTA at the International festival City of Women in Ljubljana, Slovenia 2002, http//, www.vday.oirg/taxi;; Ambassador of the people – Aprilija Luzar: the candidate for the elections in Slovenian Parliament /non-party list 2004; LONG ISLAND CITY’s, Open Studios, Salazar Studios, New York 2005; International art festival, »Her Position in Transition« Women’s Taxi, Digital Cusine, Museum Quartier 21, Vienna, Austria 2006, -; Association of Slovenian Fine Arts and Festival of Ljubljana, “The Woman Traveler 101 Shoe”, Peterokotni stolp, Ljubljanski grad, Ljubljana, 2006; Exhibition “Pičke/Pussy”: Master/ bation, Centre of Contemporary Arts, Gallery “Račka”, Celje, Slovenia; 2007, Taxi Art, Documenti, Gallery Union of Fine Arts Associations Istria, Croatia; TAXI ART, Women’s TAXI, Gallery PM/ Bacva Gallery, House of Croatian Artist, Zagreb, Croatia, October 2006.

Ref: A07P0084