Kinesthetic Poverty, Dance and the Political Economy of 'Softness'

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This paper examines contemporary Dance's ecologism, including its 'softness' schema and its libratory somatic project. The 'soft' architecture of strawbale construction and early modern dance are compared, tracing an extra-marketplace framework for understanding dance's auretic and utopian desires.

Keywords: Contemporary Dance, Ecologism, Softness Schema, Libratory Somatic Project, Soft Architecture, Strawbale Construction, Extra-Marketplace, Auretic and Utopian Desires
Stream: Art and Education
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Pedro Alejandro

Associate Professor, Dance Department, Wesleyan University
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

I am primarily a choreographer/videographer, with interest in mutil-media ecologies and collaborative processes. I have made over 40 works since 1987, presented variously in the United States and abroad. My most recent work, "Hortus Conclusus (The Enclosed Garden of Dance Modernism)," was presented in Hawaii at the 5th International conference on Arts & Humanities. I teach at Wesleyan University, and have the pleasure of working with dance artists from around the world. I am working on a long term project with the Dominican Blind Association, developing a dance curriculum and presenting project with and for blind musicians.

Ref: A07P0085