Digital Destinations: Exploring the Culture Industry in a Globalized World

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We live in age of infinite possibilities and opportunities. There is an enchantment with the present moment, an indulgence that disregards lessons of the past or consideration for the future. Everything possible is produced and packaged for the consumer, including history, culture and technology. This is evidenced most particularly with the increasing presence of tourists within sites of cultural relevance. The tourist encapsulates the experiences of history, technology and culture. They are compelled to travel to significant sites to experience and document the places and space that define culture, utilising technology in the form of digital cameras to record their presence at these noteworthy places. This paper is an exploration of the parallel growth of tourism and the increasing domination of the systems of capitalism. It will consider how they are interrelated, as well as contemplating the consequences for culture, as it has become so inextricably entwined with the tourist experience.

Keywords: Globalisation, Visual Culture, Technology, Experience, Memory, History, Tourism
Stream: Art in Communities
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Jasmine Avril

PhD candidate, Department of Electronic and Temporal Art, Sydney College of the Arts
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I am a PhD candidate from the Sydney College of the Arts. My degree requires that I complete both a thesis as well as studio work. I am currently completing an exchange at the Universitat der Kunste in Berlin. My work focuses around images as mediated through the camera, both moving and still, and are usually displayed in an installed environment. I am interested in sociology and society, particularly with how art and culture meet through the ubiquity of thee camera. I am interested in how culture copes and adapts to the onslaught of accessible and affordable digital technology, which effectively gives everyone the potential to be creative, and ultimately an artist. My work constantly questions and embraces visual culture in a globalized environment, expressing a paradox that is describes one of the main issues of the early 21st century.

Ref: A07P0092